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08/20/13 This is to request under the Public Records Act a copy of the "vegetation management prescriptio... Fire Department Rebecca Kozak
08/20/13 I have two requests. The first was is simple, the second one is more complicated: (1) I would ... City Clerk Nai Hang Phan
08/20/13 I need a copy of my birth certificate from 1948 City Attorney Arlette Flores-Medina
08/21/13 Copy of restaurant business license- Clairmont Diner Information Technology (IT) Annie Y. To
08/22/13 I am request a copy of all the currently WIB Board members and planning commission board members ... City Clerk Nai Hang Phan
08/22/13 vital records City Attorney Arlette Flores-Medina
08/22/13 Hi, I am trying to locate a copy of the all the measures that were passed by voters of Oakland fr... City Clerk Nai Hang Phan
08/22/13 My name is Robert P. Cook. But I was born Robert P. Hicks at East Oakland Hospital at 2648 East 1... City Clerk Nai Hang Phan
08/22/13 For research purposes, I am looking for the council members' voting records and agenda for the ci... City Clerk Nai Hang Phan
08/25/13 try to find out for forclosuer in oakland City Administrator James A. Bondi
08/26/13 Handouts and agenda for 7/2/2013 Council Meeting Item 7.22 City Clerk Nai Hang Phan
08/26/13 August 22, 2013 Goodevening, Im not sure if I am in the right department, but I am a former res... Oakland Police Department Amber C Fuller
08/26/13 Finaled building permits for 7015 Saroni Dr. City Administrator James A. Bondi
08/28/13 I am requesting the FINAL license agreement with SF Global LLC to provide the City the municipal ... City Clerk Nai Hang Phan
08/29/13 I'm not sure when, but while the army was operating the army base, the army got a resolution or o... City Clerk Nai Hang Phan
08/30/13 copy of the ordinance 9271 CMS for the East Oakland Youth Development Center (EOYDC) and City of ... City Clerk Nai Hang Phan
08/30/13 3520 Brighton Avenue: info of environmental concern, e.g.: presence of underground storage tanks,... Fire Department Rebecca Kozak
08/30/13 Copy of OMC Chapter 15.08.340, 350, 360 and 370 in 2006. City Clerk Nai Hang Phan
08/30/13 All Code Compliance/ Blight Enforcement records for 2201 East 33rd Street regarding all complaint... City Administrator James A. Bondi
09/03/13 Birth certificate, Erna Celeste Eversol (my mother) City Attorney Arlette Flores-Medina
09/03/13 The name of a retail/ meat market on 98th ave back in the 1960's City Administrator James A. Bondi
09/03/13 Requesting a copy of the City of Oakland leas Peralta Community College District's Channel Park a... Parks and Recreation Tiffany Millinder-Heard
09/03/13 Ordinance 7769 CMS passed on 2/27/1968 Ordinance 9193 CMS passed on 7/29/1975 Ordinance 65436 C... City Clerk Nai Hang Phan
09/04/13 CErtified payroll reports and project information including: List of Subcontractors, Initial Bid ... Contracts and Compliance Mary M Mayberry
09/05/13 property info, new construction exemption, or year built City Administrator James A. Bondi
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