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07/22/13 I am looking for Ordinance No. 7991 C.M.S. from around 1969 (I believe), as well as any ordinance... City Attorney Arlette Flores-Medina
07/23/13 I'm trying to locate a permit or some sort of sign off from the City of Oakland that supports tha... City Attorney Arlette Flores-Medina
07/24/13 Received information/results from measure Y (2002) I think? City Attorney Arlette Flores-Medina
07/24/13 What are the criteria for funding, and getting the police dept personnel above 800 since measure ... Oakland Police Department Amber C Fuller
07/26/13 Report for dog attack Oakland Police Department Amber C Fuller
07/26/13 the registration of 530 24th st LLC for Renter's Adjustment , was told by Keith at the renter's ... Information Technology (IT) Annie Y. To
07/27/13 Street sweeping schedule and map for council district 1. Human Resources Donna F. Enright
07/30/13 Copy of resolution No. 71056 CMS City Clerk Nai Hang Phan
07/30/13 Project update for 3268 San Pablo Avenue City Administrator James A. Bondi
08/03/13 Im writing a business plan and need data on the commercial photography industry in Oakland. I'm r... Information Technology (IT) Annie Y. To
08/07/13 This is a test. City Attorney Arlette Flores-Medina
08/07/13 anything reguarding info in re to my biological father and or siblings I was born in Oakland alam... City Attorney Arlette Flores-Medina
08/08/13 Any and all documents relating to or pertaining to the current status of loans and/or grants prov... City Administrator James A. Bondi
08/08/13 I am trying to pull copies of the following ordinances and resolution from legistar, but have bee... City Clerk Nai Hang Phan
08/09/13 I am writing to request a copy of the Form 700 filed by WIB member and Port Commissioner Bryan Pa... City Clerk Nai Hang Phan
08/09/13 I am requesting the following documents for Jean Quan, Bryan Parker and Joe Tuman. I need ALL ... City Clerk Nai Hang Phan
08/11/13 marriage, 1904 thru1907 for Bernard d. Sheridan. He was my .grandfather. Thank you. City Attorney Arlette Flores-Medina
08/12/13 1. Operating agreement between the City and the Oakland Museum of California Foundation 2. Opera... City Administrator James A. Bondi
08/13/13 3R Report City Attorney Arlette Flores-Medina
08/15/13 Contract for Phase I of Domain Awareness Center Information Technology (IT) Annie Y. To
08/15/13 Death certificates on parents City Attorney Arlette Flores-Medina
08/15/13 Researching parcel at 1406 Holman and have been told there was a landslide which caused city to c... Parks and Recreation Tiffany Millinder-Heard
08/15/13 To Whom it May Concern: Per my voicemail, would you mind please emailing me the meeting minute... City Clerk Nai Hang Phan
08/16/13 Form 700 (Statement of Economic Interest of all Council members and their staff, their resumes an... City Clerk Nai Hang Phan
08/19/13 Minutes from the city council meetings from 1984 and/or 1985 where the city council discussed and... City Clerk Nai Hang Phan
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