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Request inputted by M. Collins on behalf of requester, contact them for the address. They would like the balance of fund created by ordinance 12686. "I would like to request a report for the above mentioned ordinance which is attached for your convenience. A fund was established "to which contractors subject to this ordinance and others may make voluntary contributions will promote healing and assist the City in rectifying and remedying some of the legacies of the shameful commerce in slavery, thereby protecting and promoting the public health, safety and welfare of Oakland residents and the Oakland community." Would you please email a report of the Slavery Era Ordinance Fund to date, and mail a certified copy to the address mentioned below? An invoice may be emailed along with a hard copy sent to the following address:"


November 25, 2014 via web


December 5, 2014


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Theresa Woo

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The invoice where certified hard copies can be mailed: c/o Washita United Trust 80 Swan Way Oakland, CA, 94601 An email address as to where digital copies can be sent is as follows: Thank you.
November 25, 2014, 10:36am by the requester