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Please provide the latest permitted occupancy, use, and construction type (Type VB etc) for the existing building located at 1738-40 Telegraph Avenue. This building also fronts Broadway with the address 1741 Broadway. Any information would be appreciated


October 22, 2014 via web


November 1, 2014


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James A. Bondi

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Dear Records Requester, I have just scanned and uploaded three documents which staff from the City of Oakland’s Department of Planning and Building believe to be responsive to your request. One of these summarizes activity at that location since 1987. The second document, consisting of 31 pages, is a scan of records prior to 1987 which are retained by the City on microfiche. The third document shows Zoning Clearances for different uses at this location. Please note that the clarity of pages retained on microfiche is rather poor. If you wish to view printed pages, or the actual microfiche reader screens in our offices, you could see a slight improvement in legibility. To pursue this option, please contact me to that end. Having made all responsive materials available to you, the City of Oakland will consider your request closed. Sincerely, James A. Bondi
October 31, 2014, 3:50pm by James A. Bondi (Staff)
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