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Please provide me with the following information regarding the specs of the shotspotter microphones. Including the following. Are these microphones always on? Can they pick up sounds other then gunshots?WHat is the effective range? Are they being monitored in live time? Who is legally allowed to listen ? Are they able to store recordings? If yes for how long? Can non criminal activities be stored and for how long? How long are suspected criminal activities allowed to be stored. ?


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October 10, 2013


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We released all of the requested documents. As for locations of sensors, amount of sensors, and effective range we will not disclose any of this information unless compelled by a court order to release this information as it could hamper or hender ongoing or future investigations. As for the sensors and staffs ability to monitor 24/7 live that is not the way the system works. The system is monitored by SST staff 24/7 but only turns on to listen during the activation of a gunshot. If there are no gunshots the system is not listening. Other things such as car backfires, fireworks, or extremely loud bangs could activate the system but only for the short duration of the sound. The recordings are stored on a SST network server and available to use for investigations or court testimony. Our contract says that SST must keep gunshot incidents on their software for 2 years. As for the activations, the system records roughly 2 seconds before activation and up to 4 seconds after. This system is very similar to the red camera technology other than an expert SST employee monitors each activation and sends gunshot only alerts within 45 seconds to communications and all mobile data terminals logged on in the police cars in the field.
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