Request #RT-3725
All complaints, inspections, reports, investigations notes and reports, hearing documents, correspondence and all other documents pertaining to 314 Perkins St., Oakland, CA 94610


April 17, 2014 via web


April 27, 2014


City Administrator





Point of Contact

James A. Bondi

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Dear Records Requestor, In your recent public records request #3725, you asked for documents pertaining to the property located at 314 Perkins St. in Oakland. Staff from the Rent Adjustment program within the City of Oakland’s Department of Housing and Community Development, and from the Bureau of Building within the Planning and Building Department, have between them identified 129 printed pages of documents and copied three Compact Discs with additional documents which they believe are responsive to your request. Please note that certain personal identifying information of individuals has been redacted from some of these pages, pursuant to the state constitutional right to privacy. To access the printed documents and electronic files on Compact Disc, you may contact me to make an appointment at which you can review the materials in our offices, at no cost to you. Alternatively, if you would like copies mailed to you, the City can do that upon receipt of reimbursement for our copying and mailing costs. In this case, at the City’s copying rate of 10 cents per page the printed pages would be $12.90, and at $5.00 per CD copied those documents would come to $15.00. Postage to mail all of those materials to a local address would be $5.80, for a total due of $33.70 in order to have all materials sent to you. The City does require reimbursement prior to the release of any copied records. Checks can be made payable to the City of Oakland and sent to: City of Oakland Office of the City Administrator 1 Frank Ogawa Plaza, 3rd Floor Oakland, CA 94612 Attn: James A. Bondi Please make sure to include your mailing address, so I know where to send the materials. Having made them available, the City will consider your request closed. However, if you wish to follow up further please feel free to contact me directly. Sincerely, James A. Bondi 510-238-6654
April 28, 2014, 1:47pm by James A. Bondi (Staff)