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8900 Edes Avenue Oakland, CA 94603 I am preparing a Property Condition Report and an Environmental Site Assessment on the above-named development for a financial services client. I am requesting the following information to include in our report. 1. Are there any unresolved Notice of Violation or Notice to Comply against the property? (if Yes, please provide details below, or by attachment) Yes / No 2. How frequently is the property inspected by the building department? -- During construction activity / To investigate a citizen complaint / Annually / Never / Other (describe) 3. Date of last inspection (if applicable): 4. When was the original core/shell Certificate of Occupancy issued? 5. Is a copy of the original core/shell Certificate of Occupancy available? Yes / No (Please send copy if available) 6. Are there any open building department permits? Yes / No (If Yes, please describe below or by attachment)


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April 20, 2014


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James A. Bondi

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City Building Services staff have no documents which are responsive to this request.
April 23, 2014, 3:48pm by James A. Bondi (Staff)