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Dear Lauren or Custodian of Public Records, SmartProcure is submitting a public records request to the City of Oakland. Request: For any electronically stored records, which exist for all purchases during a time period of January 1st 2008 to current. If records do not exist there is no expectation to create records. Specifically, please provide any and all electronic records which contain any of the following information within the scope of the request: 1. Purchase order number or equivalent 2. Date of purchase 3. Line item details of the purchase or description of each purchase 4. Quantity of each item purchased 5. Price of each item purchased 6. Vendor ID, name, address, contact person and email The attached document describes preprogrammed reports readily available in common government purchasing systems should the City of Oakland be using one of these procurement systems. A convenience upload link is provided below to facilitate sending the file(s) to SmartProcure. To send the files from your computer please use the web link below and select the file(s) individually. There is no file size limitation:


March 7, 2014 via web


March 17, 2014


Office of Controller and Treasury





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Rogelio Agustin Medalla

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We released all of the requested documents.
March 17, 2014, 4:32pm by Rogelio Agustin Medalla (Staff)