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To Whom It May Concern: Robert H. Colescott (1925-2009) I am researching Robert H. Colescott (1925-2009), a painter who grew up in Oakland and lived there for key periods during his life. I'm interested in locating the deed for the house in which he grew up, as well as that of his relatives. Colescott's father, Warrington W. Colescott Sr., bought the house at 2815 25th Avenue in the early 1920s. Warrington's mother lived in the household of James Simms, his brother-in-law, at 1532 12th Avenue, as early as 1920. If I could receive scans of these documents, I would be very grateful. The general question I hope to answer is whether there were racial covenants in these neighborhoods at the time, and I'm hoping that these documents might reveal that. If you have any idea where else I might look for such information, I would be grateful if you'd let me know. It would also be possible for me to come in to look at microfilms in person, as I live in Davis, near Sacramento. Many thanks,


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September 26, 2013


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The record you asked for does not exist. Referred the requestor to Alameda County Recorder's Office.
September 16, 2013, 3:28pm by Nai Hang Phan (Staff)
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Thank you for requesting deed from the Office of the City Clerk. As requested in your records request dated September 16, 2013 the City Clerk’s Office does not maintain this type records you are seeking. The records you are seeking can be obtained through the Alameda County Recorder’s Office, 1106 Madison Street, Oakland, CA 94607, Phone: (510) 272-6362.
September 16, 2013, 3:27pm by Nai Hang Phan (Staff)