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I am requesting documentation of the specific date(s) that the 2-hour parking signs were put up on Hillegass Ave in Oakland between 63rd St. and Alcatraz Ave., on the west side of that block. -I am particularly interested in the signs that are in front of/ or close to the addresses of: 350 63rd St (on the Hillegass side of that property), 6361 Hillegass, and 6385 Hillegass (but, documentation for any of the signs on the west side of that block, between 350 63rd St. and 2691 Hillegass, would be helpful). - This is needed for a very time-sensitive (urgent) situation; if there is any way to expedite my request, this would be extremely helpful! Thank you! (--Also, I was told that getting a record of the time the signs were put up (as well as the date) would be helpful, so, this would be helpful for me to receive as well- if easy- but only, please, if it causes no additional delay; I would only want to have this additional information of the time the sign(s) were posted if this causes no additional delay in my receiving records, it is less important, ..and I am not sure it would be necessary. ..Thank you again.)


August 15, 2017 via web


August 25, 2017


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