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Hello, I would like to request any documentation regarding closure letters, or any of the following documentation if there is not a closure letter or no further action summary for the following addresses. Above-ground storage tanks (AST), Underground storage tanks (UST), Leaking Underground/ Petroleum Storage Tanks (LUST/LPST),Groundwater Gradient Maps, Lab Analytical, or any Spills pertaining to the following addresses: 4200 MACARTHUR BLVD OAKLAND CA 94619 4232 MACARTHUR BLVD OAKLAND CA 94619 3315 HIGH ST OAKLAND CA 94619 UST 4270 MAC ARTHUR BOULEVARD OAKLAND CA 94619 4255 MACARTHUR OAKLAND CA 94619 4276 MACARTHUR BLVD. OAKLAND CA 94619 4311-4333 MACARTHUR BLVD OAKLAND CA 94619 4110 MAC ARTHUR OAKLAND CA 94615 4300 MACARTHUR BLVD OAKLAND CA 94619 If your office has any document concerning the subject site, I can be contacted at (817)412.3155 or my email is Your prompt reply would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Tressie Alvarez Production Support Coordinator 817.412.3155 Email: Web: Orders/RFP: Dallas • Fort Worth • Sacramento


December 28, 2016 via web


January 7, 2017


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Mariko Highsmith

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Dear Records Requester, I have just uploaded the link to the documents which staff from the City of Oakland’s Department of Planning and Building believe to be responsive to your request. Having made all responsive materials available to you, the City of Oakland will consider your request closed. Thank you.
August 14, 2017, 12:36pm by Mariko Highsmith (Staff)
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August 14, 2017, 12:36pm