Request #RT-16751
With the completion of the Alameda County District Attorney's Office review of the suicides of Brendan O'Brien and Irma Huerta, I am requesting the following documents and files: 1) Video recording of Brendan O'Brien interview with OPD detectives for case RD 14-030065 2) Officer O'Brien's cell phone dump and notes RD 14-030065 3) Written statement of Rosemary O'Brien RD 15-051520 4) Written statement of John O'Brien RD 15-051520 5) iPhone dump records RD 15-051520 6) Recorded phone call with Jane Doe on Sept. 30, 2015 RD 15-051520 7) Recorded phone call with Jane Doe on Nov. 9, 2015 RD 15-051520 8) Personal digital recording device recordings (2) from officers transporting Jane Doe RD 15-051520 9) Recorded interview of Jane Doe RD 15-051520 10) Emails between Sgt. Hubbard and Sgt. Andersen RD 15-051520


August 8, 2016 via web


August 18, 2016


Oakland Police Department





Point of Contact

Alisha Banda

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At this time the Department does not have any responsive records to provide. We will continue to update you on the status of your request.
February 4, 2017, 11:03am by Rheta R Sonnier (Staff)
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In response to your public records request #16751 our Department needs additional time to respond to your request based on the following reason: The need to search for, collect, or examine a voluminous amount of records (Government Code Section 6253(c)(2)).
December 1, 2016, 11:11am by Rheta R Sonnier (Staff)
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October 11, 2016, 6:14pm
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In response to your public records request #16751, our agency is in the process of reviewing your requested records to determine what information can be released in accordance with the California Public Records Act and additional time is needed in order to respond. The Department will provide you with an update on or before 7 Sept 16
August 27, 2016, 1:49pm by Rheta R Sonnier (Staff)