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Dear Records Custodian, This is a California Public Records Act request. On August 19, 2015 the Oakland Police Department presented footage of two recent officer-involved deaths to select members of the media. The videos showed the fatal shooting of Nate Wilks on Aug. 12, and the July 19 pursuit and death of Richard Linyard. Please provide all materials and information presented at this meeting and made available to the members of the media who were invited to this meeting. Given that your department has already disclosed these materials to certain members of the public, I ask that you expedite the release of these materials.


August 20, 2015 via web


August 29, 2015


Oakland Police Department





Point of Contact

Amber C Fuller

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We released the requested records to the requester.
September 11, 2015, 3:14pm by Amber Fuller (Staff)
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The Department will be releasing only the portion of the videos that have already been shared with the public. The information will be available next Friday, September 11, 2015.
September 2, 2015, 3:43pm by Amber Fuller (Staff)
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I am writing to advise you that the Oakland Police Department is hereby withdrawing the denial of your Public Records Act request, which I sent to you on August 21, 2015. The City is in the process of evaluating that request and we will inform you in writing of the City’s determination by Monday August 31, 2015, since the 10th day after your August 19, 2015 request falls on a Saturday, August 29, 2015.
August 27, 2015, 3:46pm by Amber Fuller (Staff)
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The requested footage will not be released to the public until the conclusion of the investigations pursuant to 6254(f) CGC (The case is pending, still active, under appeal or may be recharged; or the release may deprive a person(s) of a fair trial and release of this information may endanger the successful completion of any current or prospective investigation, or may disclose investigative techniques).
August 20, 2015, 11:55am by Amber Fuller (Staff)