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Pursuant to California Public Records Act (California Government Code §§ 6250), I request the following records pertaining to mobile biometric technologies, including those listed above, as well as other biometric technologies I have not identified: 1) Purchasing and procurement documents, including but not limited to: purchase orders, RFPs, responses to RFPs, invoices and contracts 2) Policy, procedural, and training documents, including but not limited to: use policies, standard operating procedures, training materials, presentations, privacy assessments, data retention policies, and other guidelines 3) Programming documents, including but not limited to: funding opportunity announcements, grant applications and grantor status/progress reports, reports to legislative bodies, annual reports 4) Audit documents, including but not limited to: audits of the system, misuse reports, and reports to oversight bodies In your response, I would appreciate that you individually address each of the above categories of documents individually. In addition to the above classes of documents, I am also seeking the following information: - The total number of individuals whose biometric data has been collected over the last three years, - The total number of [biometric data points] contained in the agency’s database - The retention period for biometric data - The number of mobile biometrics devices purchased and in use - The total number of authorized users of the mobile biometrics devices - Which external agencies and entities have access to biometric data in the database and under what conditions, - Whether biometric data is combined with biographic data such as name and address in the database, and - The process by which data is entered into the database


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August 19, 2015


Oakland Police Department





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The Oakland Police Department does not have any of this type of equipment in use nor does it have a policy or procedure related to the use of mobile biometric technologies. The Department has no responsive records.
August 13, 2015, 2:36pm by Amber Fuller (Staff)