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1)     All traffic accidents and traffic enforcement incidents from 2010 to the present for Grass Valley Road between Glen Artney Street/Glen Manor Place and Skyline Boulevard (where Grass Valley meets the Clyde Woolridge Staging Area).  This section of Grass Valley Road includes the streets: (1) Scotia Avenue; (2) Sun Valley Drive; and (3) Grass Valley Court.

2)     Oakland Police Report No. 19-033019 for the motor vehicle incident involving our client, Frank Berfield.


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November 27, 2019


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Alisha Banda

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This is not a public records request; This is a traffic request; all available traffic reports can be purchased at You may also go to the Traffic Division located at 2651 73rd Avenue in Oakland Mon - Fri from 11am to 3pm or call (510) 777-8570. The charge for photos is $8.00 per CD. Please inquire regarding video charges.

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