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Will you please provide a map and an Excel spreadsheet showing how many lots and dwelling units are controlled by community interest developments & homeowners associations (HOAs) in Oakland? (columns to include: single-family vs. multi-family, APN, street address, HOA name, and other information available) 

HOAs can legally ban accessory dwelling units, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, and much more (even if these bills become state law: AB68, AB69, AB881, SB13, SB50). 40% of CA residents live in an HOA, 25% of CA housing supply is controlled by HOAs, and 61% of new units. Senator Bob Wieckowski says CA Senate Bill 13 could create 1-million more units, which could be 250,000 fewer if HOAs decide to use their legal authority to ban accessory dwelling units (ADUs). 

CA can have up to 55,000 different sets of land-use regulations and development standards (in addition to state, 482 cities', & 58 counties' regulations) because there are 55,000 HOAs in CA — making development very challenging.

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Colin B. Clarke, AICP
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