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I am requesting information on vehicles and off-road equipment maintained by the city’s fleet department during the calendar year of 2018. “Vehicles” in this request would included police vehicles, ambulances, fire trucks, plows, refuse trucks, pickup trucks, service trucks, vans, sedans, motorcycles, etc. “Off-road equipment” in this request would include trailers, lawn mowers, generators, backhoes, trenchers, excavators, dozers, street sweepers, etc.


The information requested for each vehicle or off-road equipment should include: ID Number, Status code, Class code, Unit Description, Make, Model, Model Year, VIN, In Service Date, Disposal Date (if applicable), Total Purchase Price, Annual Lease Cost, Annual Depreciation Cost, Annual License Cost, Annual Mechanic Labor Cost, Annual Vendor Cost, Annual Parts Cost, Annual Fuel Cost, Annual Labor Hours, Annual Miles Driven, Annual Fuel Gallons Consumed, Life-to-date Miles Driven


This data is typically stored in a Fleet Management Information System (FMIS). I am familiar with a variety of FMISs if help is needed in extracting information. We can also provide a secure FTP site to assist in the transfer of relevant txt, csv, or xls files.


I am also requesting information on employees who worked within the city’s fleet department during the calendar year of 2018. An “employee” in this request could include a mechanic, serviceman, foreman, parts person, apprentice mechanic, analyst, clerk, fleet manager, or other administrative positions. The information requested for each employee should include: employee name or id number, job title, hire date, leave date (if employee no longer works with city), base wage or salary, and loaded wage or salary (including benefits).


We are conducting a study to better understand the cost of vehicles and equipment operated by municipal organizations. Raw information collected will only be used internally, but aggregate information may be made available to our clients through an online benchmark or pdf report.


Thank you.


January 10, 2019 via web


January 22, 2019


Public Works





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Patricia A. Carter

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