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On July 2, 2002 at approximately 2:00pm, Clyde Thornton was walking eastbound on MacArthur Blvd. beneath the underpass when two young African American males approached him, one behind the other about eight feet apart.  The first one passed him while the second one asked him for money.  Mr. Thornton told him he had no money, that's when the fellow behind him struck him across the face with a foreign object.  These individuals stole Mr. Thornton's wallet including all of his personal identification such as, identification card, social security card, credit cards, and bank debit cards.  Bystanders phoned police and the Oakland P.D. and an ambulance unit responded.  Mr. Thornton received an injury to his left eye.  Perpetrators broke the eye socket and his nose which required extensive re-constructive surgery.  Mr. Thornton was never notified as to whether his assailants were captured and prosecuted.  Mr. Thornton also filed a report with "Victims of violent Crimes", but never heard from them. 


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