Request #19-1813

Street sweeping records for 28th Street/Merrimac Street, and their sources.

I respectfully request:

1. The dates and times of all occasions from 2015 to the date this request is closed, on which street sweeping/street cleaning occurred on the 28th Street/Merrimac Street loop (encompassing 506-598 28th St., 507-599 28th St., 504-598 Merrimac St., and 505-599 Merrimac St.).

These date and time records were previously requested in Request #19-810, for which the city produced an incomplete and inaccurate response on this question. That response did not include any of the requested times and included numerous nonsensical dates, for example Wednesday, 1/12/17 (that date was a Thursday that year), Wednesday 2/12/17 and Thursday 2/12/17 (that date was listed twice as 2 different street sweeping occasions and labeled as both a Wednesday and a Thursday, but that date was actually a Sunday that year), Wednesday 11/14/17 (that date was a Tuesday), and Thursday 11/12/17 (that date was a Sunday). There are many other such examples in the list provided. Moreover, the vast majority of dates provided were ones in which the street was definitively not cleaned at any time. I therefore request the actual dates and times when street cleaning took place (not when it was scheduled, to be clear, but took place)? Please note that on the public street cleaning schedule map (, this loop is not listed as having any street sweeping as of the date of this request. A screenshot of that map is attached, for reference.

2. Documentation of the specific source of records provided in response to #1, in whatever form the city itself maintains documentation as to when and where street sweeping occurs. If the city cannot share such documentation in the form it itself maintains, please explain why and provide other verifiable documentation of the source of the records as well as a detailed description of how the city internally documents the occurrence of street sweeping, and the source of that description in law or policy.

3. The schedule for future street cleaning on that loop as of the date this response is closed, and the source of this schedule. Again, please note that on the public map (, this loop is not listed as having any street sweeping on the schedule.

4. The city's definition of "street sweeping" and/or "street cleaning," including the specific source of that definition in state or local law or ordinance, or in department policy.

5. The specific source of the information provided in response to Request #19-810 as to when street sweeping took place. Given that incorrect information was provided, I respectfully request documentation of where it came from. 
Lastly, I respectfully request a timely response in accordance with California Government Code section 6253(c). 


April 11, 2019 via web


April 22, 2019


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Patricia A. Carter

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