Request #18-493


A. Request all records from Oct 2017 to present:

1. polices, regulations, memorandums, guidance or forms OPD has adopted related to implementation of SB 54

2. all training materials used to train OPD members about SB 54

3. all records OPD has used to communicate with members of public about SB 54

4. all records from Jan 2017 to present related to the process for notifying an inmate's attorney or designee as required under GC 7283.1(b)

5. all records from Oct 2017 to present related to OPD's booking practices for federal criminal or immigrations detainees

B. Request all records from Oct 2017 to present related to:

a. agreements, contracts or MOU btwn DHS, CBP or ICE and OPD

b. polices that OPD has adopted regarding joint task forces or any other form of joint operation with DHS, CBP or ICE


April 13, 2018 via mail


April 23, 2018


Police Department


Point of Contact

Amber Fuller

Document(s) Released Public
FW SB 54 ICE Immigration Policy IWOV-imanage.FID182046.msg
April 17, 2018, 10:38am
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Police Department
April 16, 2018, 10:02am
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April 16, 2018, 10:02am