Request #18-492

1. Request all records from Jan 2017 to present related to:

a. the number of immigration detainers, notification requests and transfer requests OPD has received from ICE or CBP

b. the number of those requests OPD has responded to and basis for which OPD responded to each request

c. number of people ICE or CBP picked up from OPD's custody after OPD's response to a request

2Request all records from Jan 2017 related to: 

a. number of inmates in OPD custody that ICE or CBP requested to interview

b. number of inmates who received written consent form pursuant to CGC 7283.1 

c. number of inmates who declined to be interviewed by ICE or CBP 

d. number of inmates who agreed to be interviewed by ICE or CBP with attorney and number who agreed to be interviewed without attorney

e. number of inmates ICE or CBP actually inteviewed 

3. Request all records from Jan 2017 to present related to: 

a. number of individuals arrested during joint operations with DHS, CBP or ICE (including HSI)

b. criminal charges brought against each individual and the number who were charged with civil immigration violations

4. Request all records from Jan 2017 to present related to communications within OPD and btwn OPD and the following persons/entities regarding immigration enforcement policy, including communications about SB 54, recent and proposed ICE deportation related enforcement activity and detention contracts:

a. DHS, ICE, CBP, The White House, US DOJ, CA DOJ, CA law enforcement officials 


April 16, 2018 via web


May 21, 2018


Police Department





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Amber Fuller

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May 21, 2018, 2:47pm
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